About Us

about 1CHEOW WEE & MAI (“CWM”) is a small boutique firm in Kuala Lumpur which specialises in litigation matters and dispute resolution.
Premised on the saying of Theodore Roosevelt – “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are”, we at CWM realise that in the fast changing landscape of the society in general and legal industry in particular, there is a need and demand for a higher quality personalised and specialised legal services. And we can offer that.
Notwithstanding the size of the Firm, we believe we can offer unrivalled competitive edge in legal matters handled by us with our personalised service and attention to details. We pride in the fact that no matter how trivial or small your matter may be, it shall be handled by the partners of the Firm personally and you can be rest assured that it shall not be passed on or delegated from one lawyer to another.
CWM also pride itself as one of the very few firms in Malaysia that handles both civil and criminal litigation matters.
The personalised service, rapport that we have built over the years with our clients and the quick turnaround time with attention to detail because of the low volume of niche files handled by the partners personally make CWM an ideal firm if service is your main criteria in looking for a legal firm in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Over the years, our Partners have built an extensive network and work together with other lawyers who specialises in a myriad of areas to cover a wider and different areas of law.  
Over and above it all, at CWM we believe and are committed to maintaining the traditional and core values that form the cornerstone of the legal profession viz. independence, honesty, integrity, responsibility and courage.
As the Latin terms goes – “Experentia docet” i.e experience teaches, CWM brings together more than 26 years of pure litigation experience in a broad spectrum of areas. We pride ourselves as trial lawyers as an appeal is only as good as how a trial is conducted and handled at 1st instance. We therefore hold the view that in any litigation process, one must get it right at the trial stage at first instance. Having said that our Partners had also appeared at all levels of court in Malaysia.
Last but not least, innovative customised & practical solutions provide the platform in allowing us to meet and achieve the demands of the fast and ever changing legal landscape. Do not be surprised at all if you were to get a reply from the Partners themselves no matter how trivial your query may be as we believe in a one-to-one personalised attention to all your legal problems.